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Posted By: Joe @ 03-28-06 16:57:50

There is really not much effort required to get started with IRC Comic Chat. All you need to do is download Microsoft Chat 2.5. The download is available where it says "Download" at http://com... and program comes directly from Microsoft. Be sure you click "Open" at the time of download, so it installs automatically. This program is absolutely free; there is no registration required for the software or to chat.

After MS Chat 2.5 is installed all you have to click on a server in the server directory. Then go to "Room" and then "List Rooms" double click on the room you want and you are there. If you want to Comic Chat click on the "little face" on the toolbar or goto to "View" and then Comic Stip. For more detailed help goto to "Help" in the program.

With MS Chat you will be able to send files to fellow chatters, make sounds, pick characters, change backgrounds, create a profile, download new characters and backgrounds, change fonts, play fun chatroom games (trivia, connect4, word games), and best of all chat with people all over the world in an entertaining comic strip. FOR FURTHER STUDY SEE THE "LINKS" PAGE

I hope you enjoy Comic Chatting!

Thank you,
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