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Can 2 ASDL routers be used at once on the same line? (Home and Business Networking Support)

by Sonic, Saturday, September 29, 2012, 21:43 (2364 days ago)

Hello, i posted this to yahoo answers but can't get a good answer from anyone, so i'll see how this forum works? i have crapy internet service we can get as were in a remote area so am wondering if i have 2 ASDL routers running at the same time on my line on both sides of the house will that help or is that possible?


Can 2 ASDL routers be used at once on the same line?

by admin, Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 20:23 (2353 days ago) @ Sonic

;-) Hello thank you for your question. You can not use two DSL modems ("routers") to speed up your service. The reason for the slow throughput is most likely due to long wire distances which raises conductor resistance. What telephone companies have started doing (mainly to attempt to keep up with the cable company) is doubling up on the conductors thus decreasing resistance and increasing throughput. If you complain to your provider they may send a tech to check the line. When the tech arrives ask him/her if they can double up your "on your pairs" assuming you have 2 or more conductors going to your house.

Hope this helps - sorry it took so long. ;-)

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