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Remote viewing for DVR system (ISP Internet Support - Cabling, Connectivity)

by Rob, St. Charles, Friday, June 08, 2012, 19:59 (2477 days ago)

I installed a CCTV system at my family's restaurant and I am having problems accessing the DVR from outside the local network. I can access the DVR via web browser while I am on the same network which leads me to believe I am having a firewall issue. I was able to log into the router and add the DVR's ip address to the DMZ, but I am not sure how this works with DHCP and the fact that the DVR's IP address is not static. The manufacturer of the DVR has a free DDNS service to use with DHCP.
I also learned that the Centurytel modem has a DHCP server which may prevent the DDNS from working since the router the DVR is networked with is also DHCP -I may be saying this incorrectly, but I believe the modem has the main IP address, not the router - which I think is required for DDNS to work. The modem also has a firewall, but I disabled it. Still no luck. Please let me know if this is something you can help with.



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